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身体に大切な栄養素「脂肪酸」は、オレイン酸、リノレン酸、リノール酸です。 脂肪酸の中でもオレイン酸は、オリーブオイルの中で70%〜80%を占め、血液中の悪玉コレステロールを除いて動脈効果や心臓病や高血圧を予防します。


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IL DIVINO Extra Virgin Olive Oil
イル ディヴィーノ名の由来

私達は、偉大な芸術家ミケランジェロの発祥の地でトスカーナーの大自然に囲まれた村に8年間住んでいました。このエクストラバージンオリーブオイルは、この村近辺の丘で生まれました。 ミケランジェロが生涯を通して呼ばれた名称が「イル ディヴィーノ」日本語で「神の者」でした。


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Happy Customers

Great For A Gift

“I ordered two bottles of this Olive Oil and gave one to my sister as a present. She said it was the best present I had given her in years. She keeps reminding me of what she wants for Christmas.”

Cory – January, 2016

Love This Oil

“I love this olive oil. I compared my IL DIVINO Olive Oil to some California Olive Oil and I could not believe the difference. The California oil just tasted like ‘blah’ oil, but IL DIVINO had so much flavor and a slightly peppery taste.”

Steve – March, 2016

Enjoying It

“We bought some IL DIVINO Extra Virgin Olive Oil last January and have enjoyed it so much.  We can’t wait for our next order when the fresh new oil is available in November.”

Kelly – April, 2016

IL DIVINO Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Treat Yourself & Family to Something Special

IL DIVINO Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Treat You & Your Family To Something Special

Why is IL DIVINO Extra Virgin Olive Oil the Most Wonderful Olive Oil You Will EVER Taste?

We truly want you to experience the wonder of premium 100% pure Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. To ensure you get the highest quality, freshest oil possible we:

Organic Olives

Only utilize the highest quality, pesticide-free, organic olives from our Italian growers in Tuscany

Freshest Oil

Print the authentic harvest and production date on every product container sold

Dark Packaging

Package your precious oil in Italian dark glass bottles for maximum protection from harmful light

Italian Olives

Supervise the entire process from the time the olives arrive at our Frantoio (Olive Mill) in Italy to the moment the Extra Virgin Oil is delivered to you

Freshest Crop

Only use early harvest olives from late October till mid-November, the best olives for producing the finest tasting oil. Late season (November) olives are too ripe and may not produce good oil


We guarantee that your purchased oil will be 100% Extra Virgin Olive produced only from 100% Tuscany Olives!

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